Space Balls – Chewable Candies Mix & Match 3 Tins


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  • 500MG Tin
  • 10 x 50MG pieces
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Mix and Match your favourite Space Balls!

Select 3 of your choice and get ready to blast off


1 review for Space Balls – Chewable Candies Mix & Match 3 Tins

  1. Milo902

    500mg car-mello(caramels)Space Balls chewable candies


    First time trying these little “space balls” and i definitely wasn’t ready for how potent they were! These little edibles look interesting at first sight round little balls coated in icing surgar(smart idea for non stick) so I decided to try 2 balls 100mg.Candy(I thought)was hard at first but after a couple seconds and bites it turned into a chewy caramelπŸ₯³.Taste initially was sweet bland(icing sugar) but after a couple seconds I got hit with powerful herb flavor that lasted a couple minutes and then amazing caramel flavors takes over and lasted throughout. After about 45 minutes I started to feel the effects! Intense cerebral euphoria and relaxation took over my whole body, I sunk deep in the couch and had very heavy eyes and head. After about 1hr effects start to come down and I sunk deeper and fell asleep. Excellent product overall taste was good but got better and very potent, high was Intense(ill take less next time) but mellowed really nice after an hour or so.i recommend these for late night use or if using through the day id take nibbles! These will sedate you if you over do it!

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