Space Balls – Chewable Candies – 500MG Tin


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  • 500MG Tin
  • 10 x 50MG pieces

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Ready to blast off into orbit?!?! Try out Space Balls! They’re delicious chewable cannabis candies that come in a variety of flavours. Each candy ball is infused with a heft 50MG Dose of THC,

So put your space helmet on and get ready to see some stars

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Watermelon Sugar, Lemon Drops, Cherry Bomb, Alien Green Apple, Mixed Berry Burst, Car-Mellos, Strawberry Orbitz, Hubba Bubba, Double Bubble, Blue Razz

5 reviews for Space Balls – Chewable Candies – 500MG Tin

  1. Bos

    Brand – Space Balls – Mixed Berry Burst by Space Ball Edibles

    Flavor – I’ve been seeing these emerge on the scene recently and have been waiting to try them out. These had the complete opposite taste that is usually experienced during eating edibles, your palate is first hit with the weed flavoring. The taste is only faint and short lived, and then it transitions to a mouthful of an assortment of delicious berry flavoring. If I had to compare the taste, it reminds me of the fruity Hubba Bubba gum from back in the day. There is no lingering aftertaste either, just the refreshing berries that continue to sit quite well for awhile after downing

    Potency – these little questionable looking balls are a smooth 50mgs a pop. Each nugget possessing the abilities to enhance your high that much more. One is for fun, two to let loose, three will crank up your levels of euphoria, and any more you’re set for an evening of sedation. I tried with various amounts to truly test the capabilities, and these are spot on. The tin contains ten of these lil balls, having a 500mg total yield

    Quality – being called space balls, these definitely looked like that. Having a little powdered sugar on each, gave it more of that Galaxy appearance. At first it seems to be of a harder texture by appearance alone, they are quite soft and easy to chew, and become of a taffee/gum like texture easily devour each. These were an excellent grab, and glad I finally had the pleasure of trying these out. Now the only choice that I’m left with.. which flavor is up next?

  2. Milo902

    500mg car-mello(caramels)Space Balls chewable candies


    First time trying these little “space balls” and i definitely wasn’t ready for how potent they were! These little edibles look interesting at first sight round little balls coated in icing surgar(smart idea for non stick) so I decided to try 2 balls 100mg.Candy(I thought)was hard at first but after a couple seconds and bites it turned into a chewy caramelπŸ₯³.Taste initially was sweet bland(icing sugar) but after a couple seconds I got hit with powerful herb flavor that lasted a couple minutes and then amazing caramel flavors takes over and lasted throughout. After about 45 minutes I started to feel the effects! Intense cerebral euphoria and relaxation took over my whole body, I sunk deep in the couch and had very heavy eyes and head. After about 1hr effects start to come down and I sunk deeper and fell asleep. Excellent product overall taste was good but got better and very potent, high was Intense(ill take less next time) but mellowed really nice after an hour or so.i recommend these for late night use or if using through the day id take nibbles! These will sedate you if you over do it!

  3. Porky Pine (verified owner)

    Ok, I’ll admit I wanted the tin more than the chewies, it’s a great little organizer for my stash box, perfect for my clips & screens. Very cool, 5 stars! Oh, you want to know about the chewies, too? Well I’ve been toking for over 45 years(!!) & figured I’m a high tolerance guy so I popped 2 of these & spent the next 6 hours somewhere between comatose & wrecked. My only accomplishment was feeding my dog & even that seemed hard. It was 8 hours before I wanted a bedtime toke, my lungs pretty much had the day off. Like our friend Milo above I think just one at a time will do just fine. Powerful little bombs, NOT for beginners!

  4. MCDaddy

    Visual/Nose/Taste: These edibles have intrigued me since I first saw them and I have been wanting to try them. I really enjoyed the Blue raspberry flavour, it was like candy bliss! The texture and consistency was like a cross of bubble gum and a caramel. The Cannabis taste was very minimal and there was no lingering aftertaste.
    Potency/Effects: They had some decent effects to them. They gave me that weighed down feeling and they made me sleepy. My daughter said that they gave a good kick and they had a good potency level.

  5. Aidan Casinha

    Watermelon Sugar

    Came in a tin with 10 pieces of candy all rounded with unique coloring, mix of white, light green and a darker green. I decided to eat 3 pieces.

    Upon chewing they were alot harder then I expected on the initial bite and took a bit more chewing initially before it became soft. Had a very pleasant taste overall, at first getting a slight sweet weedy taste, not long after chewing more the watermelon flavour ends up bursting through and they taste pretty great with a perfect level of sweetness.

    About 35 minutes in I begin feeling slightly less focused and notice a bit of pain relief on my sore muscles. 50 minutes in eyes start feeling a little more heavy and start feeling the high kick in. 1h 30 mark I was feeling a strong high feeling very relaxed both mentally and physically, some dopiness and heavy eye lids. Body pain was pretty much gone, felt very loose and began wanting to sit back. As time went on this escalated to a more intense high that had me in a daze floating in a blissful state while glued to my couch. I eventually knocked out and woke up a few hours later still feeling pretty stoned.

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