ScienceLab – CBD Tincture – 210mg CBD/50mg THC (15ml) – MCT Oil


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Instructions: Shake well prior to use.

Start with 5 drops and work your way up.  Add droplets under tongue or to any food or beverage.

45 drops = 1ml

1ml = 17mg of CBD/THC

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This tincture has both CBD and THC in it for the best of both worlds! It’s a flavourless, odourless, and completely tasteless product.

Using a high-quality MCT coconut oil, ScienceLab has created a lab-grade decarboxylated tincture with a consistent formula that was created specifically for patients who need correct dosages every time.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a compound in Cannabis that has medical effects without delivering the psychoactive effects that THC does, and actually counters some of the effects of THC. The reduced psychoactivity of CBD-rich Cannabis may make it an appealing treatment option for patients seeking anti-inflammatory, anti-pain, anti-anxiety and/or anti-spasm effects without disconcerting euphoria or lethargy.

Scientific and clinical studies indicate that CBD could be effective in easing symptoms of a wide range of difficult-to-control conditions, including rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, alcoholism, PTSD, epilepsy, antibiotic-resistant infections, and neurological disorders. CBD has demonstrated neuroprotective effects, and its anti-cancer potential is currently being explored at several academic research centers in many countries around the world.

2 reviews for ScienceLab – CBD Tincture – 210mg CBD/50mg THC (15ml) – MCT Oil

  1. erik

    I enjoy every ScienceLab product, this product is great for my brother and myselfs anxiety.

  2. monica

    Works wonders for me.

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