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Melon Extract’s Live Resin is processed using real frozen strain-specific buds. Live Resin can be considered the creme de la creme of High Terpene Full Spectrum Extracts (HTFSE) – Live Resin, sauce, or HTFSE is one of the groundbreaking cannabis extracts that are pushing the industry and extraction technology to the limit. Live Resin is much different than shatter, budder, and other more “traditional” forms of concentrates – the main difference lies in the extreme amount of terpenes, aromas, and flavours that are preserved in the end-product. This is possible due to the fresh (un-cured or dried) frozen plant material that is used for the initial extraction. This process retains many of the covetable cannabinoids and compounds of the original starting material, thus maintaining the original smell and taste of these specific strains or phenotypes. Sweet Leaf Live Resin is one of the choices concentrates for dabbers because of its’ pronounced terpene profiles and engaging high or effects.

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Gas Mask(I), GMO Cookies(I), Runtz(I), 94 Octane(I), Kosher Kush(I), King Louis(I), Zkittles(I), Dutch Treat(I), Pink Kush(I), Pink Sherbet(I), Skywalker(H), Rainmaker(H), Sundae Driver(H), Mimosa(H), Strawnana(H), Do Si Do(H), Cheesecake(H), Wedding Gelato(H), Orange Harambe(H), Tangie Biscotti(H), Star Killer(H), Headband(H), Sour Strawberry(H), Purple Sour Diesel(S), Maui Wowie(S), Green Crack(S), Lemon Creamsicle(S), Pineapple Haze(S), Super Lemon Haze(S)

2 reviews for Melon Extracts – Premium Live Resin

  1. Drop Dead Dan (verified owner)

    I am really please that you guys got a re-up of Melon Extract! It really a good brand. Cant resist to get a couple of 1g Jar. GMO Cookie, Pineapple Haze, Lemon Creamcicle, Gas Mask and Starkiller. Each of one was terpy and potent. I did get Skykiller beacuse recently i discovered Starwalker and all the babies. If i would need to choose two of the favorite i did get i would choose GMO Cookie and Lemon Creamcicle

  2. Teddyboy250 (verified owner)

    This stuff is amazing I got like 9 kinds… None of them disappointed me 😇

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