Luxe Extracts – Jack Herer Shatter – Sativa


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Having launched in 2015, Luxe Extracts is a team of dedicated cannabis enthusiasts with a passion for creating extracts that meet the highest standards of quality. They offer a line of shatter products that perfectly capture the original flavours and affects of the strains they are made from. Using a Butane Hash Oil extraction machine in a closed loop system, the extraction artists at Luxe Extracts have been producing high potency shatter with incredible clarity.

The Luxe Extracts experience is more than just a dab, or a smoke sesh –  its’ a lifestyle that is encompassed around excellence, cannabis advocacy, rights and celebrating a higher quality of life.

4 reviews for Luxe Extracts – Jack Herer Shatter – Sativa

  1. Drop Dead Dan

    Didnt buy it but a friend of mine tried 2 of the Luxe brand (Jack Herer and Dark Star) We both really like shatter but that brand was a total miss. Taste of the Jack Herer was not really present, it was like altered or something… Color was ok but the high give me a headache almost imediatly. I tried 2 strains and both gave me that strange headache..

  2. Kris

    I had an amazing experience with Dark Star,great feeling,it really helped my insomnia and anxiety,I’m looking forward to try others.

  3. Sirius

    SMOOTH, clean dabs. Instant relaxation without dry mouth or serious munchies. Instant fave!

  4. Mole

    Good for dabbing, amazing high, super light on the lungs, with a punch at the end.

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