High Voltage Extracts – MKU – 1 Gram


Potent, terpene rich extracts crafted on Vancouver Island
Hybrid | 1g | Premium Live Resin.

This Terp Sauce is a high-strength extract. We advise that beginners start with very small dosages.

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High Voltage Extracts is a local BC-based cannabis extraction company that specializes in premium, high-end, and craft cannabis extractions and concentrates. Their  Sauce is made using their proprietary method which encapsulates all the available unique terpenes, cannabinoids, and essential essence of the phenotype-specific strains they extract. This results in the creation of a highly concentrated and refined product that combines complex terpenes and cannabinoid molecules that deliver a more intense cerebral and psychoactive experience.

sends the smokers in a sensational high, which starts with a body buzz and then dies down to a calm. The smoker is couch-locked for a while after smoking the MKU. The positive effects of this strain make it a viable treatment for depression because it releases endorphins in the brain, which makes the smokers euphoric and uplifts the spirits. It also calms the nerves hence it is suitable for people suffering from pain related to neuropathy or bodily aches. It relaxes the body and dissipates all the stiffness in the joints and muscles making the person feel invigorated. Patients suffering from stress and anxiety also take this brand of marijuana as it soothes the mind and sends all negative feelings away


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