FADED Cannabis Co. – Peach Drops – 180mg THC

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Fruit infused Gummies with a twist of fun!


Start with a smaller dosage and work your way up as every individual will react differently.

Keep away from children and pets.

This product may cause drowsiness. Use care when operating a car or heavy machinery.

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Faded Cannabis Co. Peach Drops are made using their proprietary recipe that carefully blends candy and THC distillate without any bitter taste. These gummies are soft, chewy and will melt in your mouth. A delicious blend of sweet and sour, these fruity bursts of peaches also come with the additional benefits of cannabis.


  • 6 x 30mg THC per gummies
  • 180mg THC per package

8 reviews for FADED Cannabis Co. – Peach Drops – 180mg THC

  1. edubz

    these have the greatest taste and super soft to chew! and a great high along with them too! love these peach gummies the best!!!

  2. dwhannah513

    I tried this one when my go to brand was sold out and was very happy. Great high and good value!

  3. donnas82

    just like the fuzzy peaches candy I love but with a buzz, cant get any better than this come on now, will be ordering again, thanks herb

  4. danisa

    These taste exactly like fuzzy peaches! They’re really yummy

  5. shizun

    Yummy! Love these. Great high.

  6. bobsburgers

    Good flavour and really strong. Be ready for a good time.

  7. kirsten.emelia7

    Ate one of these and had to go to bed… would maybe start with half. They taste delicious.

  8. William

    Awesome product, tastes great and works wonders. Will definitely be purchasing again and trying other flavors.

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