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Diamond mining has become second nature for Elite Elevation. THCA Diamonds are the purest and most potent form of THC and we offer a premium variety with or without our Terpene Sauce (HTFSE). Always made from the finest quality flowers.

HCFSE (High-cannabinoid full spectrum extract) Diamonds are an amazing cannabis extraction produced with a mixed hydrocarbon solvent: Propane/Isobutane/N-Butane.

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NYPD, Juicy Fruit, Grape Ape, Cat Piss, Agent Orange, 24 Karat, 99.99 % Wizard Stones, El Jefe

13 reviews for Elite Elevation Extracts – Diamonds HCFSE

  1. 5Mic56

    I use this to take my dabs up a notch every once in a while. Just a little powder stuck to the rosin and pow.

  2. RoosterJones

    Tried the mike tyson, got me ripped, a heavy hitter for sure. Was a bit hard to work with but I think that was due to the heat and 12 days shipping cause of this pandemic causing it to melt a bit before arrival. Will be back to try other strains for sure.

  3. hammm23

    Taste was amazing, first time getting diamonds (usually shatter) and will order again

  4. Mathdelo83

    Really good diamonds in sauce I enjoyed it very much. The taste was on real the high was intense and amazing I would definitely buy again just the price is insane.

  5. mules51

    Even though im sure the diamonds melted in transit, Mac 1 was still good stuff. Elite should use an inner cap to keep product off the main lid. 4/5

  6. bostoncreem

    For whatever reason, the terp diamonds were the least flavourful from what I’ve noticed. It’s nothing to complain about overall because all three of them are very effective in alleviating any symptoms they’re suitable for.

  7. Mickmartx

    Really good stuff. Cant go wrong whit that kind of stuff.

  8. lareboss

    A lotmore flavourful then just regular diamonds

  9. Argeenel Ibarra

    Thought it would hit a little harder, but it no doubt had me spinning.

  10. Mr.M

    My favorite diamond, very efficient, high quality

  11. ST

    Great value, I tried the 24k and it has a creamy sweet taste, nice strain effects, dry crumbly texture, would repurchase and other strains

  12. bao

    Really enjoyed these got bundle deal, Theres no kind i dislike would rate Wizzard Stones #1 They were clear said 99% THCA #2 Jet Fuel Tasted and smells to me like toffee! Red Congo and Agent orange are tied both proper and tasty! More on the way!

  13. Harrison

    It’s crazy stuff lol! Awesome diamonds and really really strong! It’s a must for connaisseurs of cannabis!

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