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What is Hashish and How Is It Made?

Stack of hashish blocks with marijuana leaf

Hashish, hash for short, is derived from the “kief,” or the dried resin, of the flowering tops of mature and unpollinated female cannabis plants. The resin glands are called trichomes or crystals. Hash is harvested by collecting the powdery resin either by hand, by the mechanical beating of the plants, or by submersing cannabis plants in icy water and then using small sieves to remove the trichomes, which are then dried (this type of hashish is called “bubble hash”). The remaining kief is typically pressed into “cakes,” or blocks, which are then smoked in pipes, vaporized and inhaled, or mixed with marijuana in joints.

Hash can be soft and pliable or stiff and brittle. It may be red, black, brown, green, yellow, or blonde in color. Hash may also be used in cooking, as it is soluble in things like oils, butter, or cream and can therefore be made into foods like brownies. Hashish may also be further manufactured, and the resin extracted and made into hash oil, a gooey substance that individuals are “dabbing” and smoking with e-cigarettes.


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Hash, or hashish, is the product of collecting the resin stalks, trichomes, or THC, from cannabis plants. This classic form is commonly collected by growers when they handle the mature plants. The resinous trichomes of the plant rub off on their hands, thus creating the common terminology for it: rub. In some areas, it’s referred to as finger or scissor hash.

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3 reviews for Blueberry Hash

  1. Milo902

    This hash smells like creamy berries.Super easy to work with very malleable! Taste is exactly how it smells except this time I get some earthly/grape but really sweet tasting! Excellent for afternoon and evening smoking.High was on lighter side but energizing. Perfect for chilling with friends and in a group setting.

  2. Drop Dead Dan (verified owner)

    Very berry and creamy on the taste side! A bit low on the high side but perfect to mix in a joint and had a little bit of taste and fun to it 😛

  3. major (verified owner)

    This hash looks good, crumbles easily but sticks back easily too. The smell is great too, it really has a blueberry fragrance. I don’t know if it’s only this batch but the smoke is really harsh and it tastes kind of weird. Mine definitely doesn’t taste like they describe in the other comments. It doesn’t taste what I would normally expect with hash either. The high is smooth and relaxing but not too powerful. I would give it 4 or 5 stars if it wasn’t for the weird taste and very harsh smoke.

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