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If you are not already an affiliate and want to be, please email us at: [email protected] and we’ll be happy to assist you.


TF Cannabis offers all affiliates 5% on the initial first order and 2.5% over the lifetime of the referral.

TF Cannabis pays all their Affiliates through points. Points can be used to pay for products on our website. We do offer cash payments to top Affiliates. Please email us if you want to apply for cash payments: [email protected]

No, the % does not include shipping or other fees not associated with the product.

No, Affiliates will get compensated once we received money for the order (Once we mark the order as complete).

When you refer a potential customer with your unique referral link, your customer will have 30 days to make an order. After the 30 days, their cookie is reset and they have to use your affiliate link in order to restart the 30 days again.